Smart Clinique Center
Veni, Vidi, Sanavi! (I came, I saw, I healed!)

About Smart Clinique Center

From the beginning, in 2001, we wanted this clinic to be more than a diagnostic and treatment place. We have always tried to focus our attention on the human being and his suffering. Respect, responsibility and professionalism are some of our strengths.

Smart Clinique Center was born out of the belief that life is the most precious gift that we have and that people deserve all our care and attention.

Our Mission

Our mission is to carry out, every day, every moment of existence as doctors, a sacred covenant - the oath of the Hippocrates. This commitment has established an indestructible link between the medical team of Smart Clinique Center and our patients, in a mission not necessarily easy but extremely beautiful and rewarding, to dedicate ourselves to the healing of PEOPLE.

For these reasons, from the first day of existence of Smart Clinique Center, all the necessary conditions for good service were ensured: generous spaces allocated to each medical specialty, endowed with European standards with high performance medical equipment, the medical team made up of specialists, primary doctors and teachers, the necessary logistics to maintain the confidentiality of personal data of patients, the possibility of providing medical services in the country through corresponding and independent medical centers.

Smart Clinique Center offers excellent services, within the medical perspective and also in human perspective. Our services, at European standards, addressed both to individuals and companies.

For both types of clients, the Smart Clinique Center action plan pursues:


Analyzing the patient's medical status, establishing the diagnosis, establishing the therapeutic attitude, following the patient after fulfilling the proposed medical objectives.


Information campaigns for various illnesses that may occur both in adults and children, programs for adapting patients with known diseases as being caused by environmental factors or lifestyle, medical programs for the prevention of various chronic conditions.


Free healthcare campaigns for people in difficulty, disadvantaged people (children's homes, the elderly, the homeless).